Tomasz Kondracki - freelance, portraiture, fine art photography.

Tomasz Kondracki is a photographer and photographic artist who is interested in portraiture, urban + rural landscapes as well as still life.
He use a wide range of digital and analogue media such as 4" X 5" format camera and Canon D5 mII to create his pictures and installation.
Tomasz makes his prints on high quality photo paper, silk or canvas in order to achieve the professional effect required by his clients.
Tomasz is influenced by artists such as Andreas Gursky whose large-scale landscape and pictures of masses of humanity show a fascination with how people live and impact on the environment.
Also Richard Misrach's large scale color photographs of human intervention into landscapes.
Tomasz tells his own narrative through his work which details the sadness of existence and the fear of uncertainty. His pictures tell the story of a life without meaning which is almost a delusion.
Tomasz's work depicts loneliness, insecurity and alienation in a foreign country.
In doing this his art becoming his therapy.With this in mind his current work is an installation of portraiture of his family and friends surrounding him.
Tomasz's future aspirations involve exhibiting his photographic installations as part of a private show.

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